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Our Protective Services

We’re devoted to safeguarding your investment. Your car isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a statement of your style and taste. That’s why we offer a premium selection of ceramic coatings, ceramic window tint, and paint correction services. Our ceramic coatings provide unmatched durability and shine, while our window tint enhances privacy and comfort. With meticulous paint correction, we restore your car’s finish to its showroom glory. We treat every car with the utmost care, ensuring it looks and performs its best for years to come. Trust us to protect your investment and experience the difference with Protective Car Services.

Long-lasting Protection: Ceramic coating provides durable protection against environmental elements, UV rays, and harsh chemicals, keeping your car’s paint looking pristine for years.

Enhanced Aesthetic: Ceramic coating enhances the gloss and depth of your car’s paint, giving it a showroom shine that lasts longer than traditional waxes or sealants.

Ease of Maintenance: With ceramic coating, cleaning your car becomes easier as it repels dirt, water, and contaminants, making it a breeze to maintain its appearance.

Heat Rejection and UV Protection: Ceramic tint film not only adds privacy but also blocks out harmful UV rays and reduces heat buildup inside the car, enhancing comfort and protecting interior surfaces.

Increased Resale Value: Investing in ceramic coating and tinting with ceramic film can significantly boost your car’s resale value by preserving its exterior and interior in top condition.

Restored Finish: Paint correction removes imperfections like swirls, scratches, and oxidation, restoring your car’s paint to its original luster and improving overall aesthetics. This process revitalizes the appearance and protects the integrity of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Car paint protection
Top tier paint protection

Exclusive EVO Certified Ceramic Coating Installers

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of protecting your vehicle with EVO Quartz Coatings. Just like a sturdy oak tree standing tall against the PNW elements, these coatings ensure your car stands strong through the tests of time and the whims of our Oregon weather. Amidst the sea of nano ceramic coating options out there, EVO Quartz Coating remains a beacon of excellence, offering unparalleled performance and safeguarding your vehicle against the harsh  conditions of the environment.

Our Protective Services

For over 30 years we have been dedicated to protecing your car inside and out.

Ceramic coating installer

EVO Quartz Ceramic Coating

Evo Quartz Ceramic Coating reigns supreme, boasting unmatched durability with Nano-Ceramic Particles that form a protective shield atop your paint. Engineered with the highest solids per volume, it resists scratches and shields against harsh elements, ensuring your vehicle shines brilliantly. Choose from three versions for varying durability, all delivering exceptional gloss retention.

Ceramic Windshield tint

Ceramic Window Tint

Automotive ceramic window film offers unparalleled protection for vehicles, blocking harmful UV rays, reducing heat buildup, and preventing interior fading. Its advanced technology provides superior clarity, durability, and comfort, making it the ultimate choice for safeguarding your vehicle’s interior.

Paint correction services

Paint Correction

Paint correction restores your car’s paint to perfection by eliminating swirls and imperfections, ensuring a flawless surface for ceramic coating. This meticulous process enhances the coating’s adhesion and longevity, leaving your car with a stunning, showroom-quality finish.

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Interior Cleaning

Interior car detailing enhances vehicle aesthetics, ensuring a pristine, inviting cabin. Deep cleaning removes dirt, stains, and odors, fostering a healthier environment. Restoration of surfaces maintains value and extends lifespan. Attention to detail creates a comfortable, enjoyable driving experience, contributing to driver satisfaction and pride in ownership.

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7 years protective ceramic coating
SMALL CAR: $1495
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7 years protective ceramic coating

SMALL CAR: $1595
CAR/SUV: $1990

7 years protective ceramic coating
6 year ceramic coating
8 year ceramic coating

Bob has probably done 10-15 of mine and my family’s cars over the last several years. They have always turned out perfectly and never had any issues. I will continue to refer everyone to Bob! 10/10

Gresham Window Tint


Professional workmanship with top notch materials. Very affordable pricing for such high quality service and installation. Definitely recommend The King!!!!

Gresham Window Tint


Everything about this place is A1!!!! Bob’s job was fantastic. No imperfections, great communication and was done in less than 4 hours-as promised. My moto, you get what you pay for and he delivered

Gresham Window Tint


Window Tint King is great! Fast, quality and friendly service. Without a doubt will be referring to friends and family and would be a returning customer 100%. Thank you for making my 2019 Tahoe look sharp!

Gresham Window Tint


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