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Hello, My name is Bob Rossignol.

I’m here to get rid of any confusion you might have about window tinting for your vehicles. You want your car tinted without purple looking film, without bubbles, without clumps of dirt and not so dark that you get pulled over by the police. Am I right?

Want to know what tint is?

What kinds of tint are available?

Want to know what tint is legal in Oregon and Washington?

What are the benefits of tinting your windows?

Don’t worry. These and other questions about automotive window tint that you might have rattling in your head will be answered in this short and simple letter.

Crying Babies, Sensitive Skin and Burn Victims…window film will help with all of these situations.

Window Tinting Will Provide You Quick Relief

Babies are so cute! Aren’t they? My wife and I have had three. Our youngest is now 21 years old and when he was a baby there’s one thing that would set him off crying faster than anything else. Can you guess what that is? The sun!   Now, driving can be stressful enough as you know. But when you add a crying baby to the mix, you’ve got the ingredients for a major mental breakdown and a possible accident. And, the worst part is, you can’t do anything about it until you can pull over.

Well, privacy tint on your car’s windows will eliminate this serious problem. In fact, I estimate that 25% of my clients invest in their health and well being (as well as that of their beautiful children, of course) by having their cars tinted. Babies love Portland Window Tinting by the window tint king.

And the benefits don’t stop there.

There are so many suppliers out there. Some come and go. And, when they do, everyone is left scratching their heads wondering how to get their bad tint replaced without losing any money. A warranty is only as good as the Portland Tint shop that tints your car and the manufacturer they purchase from.

The cheap tint that you can find in stores is not what you want on your cars either unless you want to lower its value or have it re-tinted a few months later.

My clients are thrilled when they see their car with this tint on it for the first time. I love what I do because I can see the results on the cars I tint and on the faces of my happy clients.

If you ever need warranty work performed, I will replace it and I will deal with the factory, when necessary. You’ll never be asked to waste your time to do my job.

When you do business with me, it’s like going to your most trusted friend.  I’ve done my homework and that means that your car will look absolutely gorgeous for years to come.

You’ll be blown away by the “makeover” I’ll give your car, truck or minivan. It will be transformed into a gorgeous driving machine you‘ll be proud of.

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You’ve got to see it to believe it. The window tint that I use is totally incredible. The space age technology blows my mind, but I won’t bore you with all the techno babble.

What it does is, it blocks out 99% of the harmful UV rays from the sun (I know here in Portland that’s not such a huge problem). Those little buggers can really do some damage to your interior and your skin, especially since it‘s magnified thru the glass of your car.

Remember when you were a kid and you took a magnifying glass and used it and the sun to start some leaves or paper on fire? That’s what happens to you and your car’s interior in the hot sun. Tint will stop 99% of that damage.

I have done work for many of the car dealerships throughout Portland and Vancouver, at one point or another.  You can drop off your vehicle before work and pick it up after work.  My clients love me and my work. I’ve got repeat customers from when I started back in 1992 here in Portland. Some of their testimonials are on this website.  I’m not just some guy that tints windows as a hobby. I’m a Portland Window Tinting master installer.  You will love the new look of your vehicle.

What You Need to Know About Window Tinting and the Law

We are not responsible if you are ticketed by the police. Occasionally they will fine someone with 35% film on their windows and when that happens they will only remove the ticket if the tint is removed from the front two windows. (Still trying to figure that one out.)

Call now, if you’re ready to reserve a time slot because I work by appointment and only have same-day openings if someone forgets to show up.


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