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atulations! Here is your automated window tint quote as promised. It will also arrive in your inbox. The quotes below are for a complete window tint job using our Hybrid Film, to the legal limit excluding windshields and sunroofs. (Those are extra)

2 door & 4 door vehicles $250 (more for certain cars)

Most minivans and SUVs are $250-275 (some, like Vanagons are more)

$50 and up for Sunroofs
$100 for Visors on the Windshield

Remember, this is for superior film and me, your master installer with a great reputation online and offline for beautiful window tint installs.

What Is Included?

These discounted prices include the best film we offer. Not junk. Our film comes with a Lifetime Warranty. And I tint all of your vehicle windows for these quoted prices EXCEPT the front windshield and sunroof. Either of those are additional.

I only do legal window tinting installations. That means 35% on all cars only. Darker for other types of vehicles. No Exceptions.


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