Tint Laws

Oregon is a bit stricter than some other states when it comes to automotive window tint. You are not allowed to tint your vehicle darker than the legal limit and Oregon State law requires that all tinted cars carry a Tint certificate declaring what percentage of light is passing through the glass and film. They refer to this number as the Visible Light Transmittance or VLT%.

If a motorist is pulled over for tinted windows they are required to provide a certificate proving the car was tinted within legal limits. The law requires that the meter reading be 35% or higher for all windows on a car. Many law enforcement officers carry a meter and will perform a test prior to writing a ticket. If your VLT is lower than 35% be prepared for a hefty fine! The picture above is an example of tint percentages. As you can see the lower the % the darker the tint. If the tint is to dark on a car that would not pass the meter test and a ticket for illegal window tint would be issued.

The limits are different, however, for other categories of vehicles. There are limits on how reflective the tint can be too. It must be less than 13% reflective. That means mirror type tint is completely illegal.

Red, green and amber colored films are also illegal.

35% tint still provides privacy, protection from the sun and improves the overall look of your vehicle. However, be sure that when you get your car tinted you choose a professional tinter that won’t tint your car darker than the legal limit. Be sure you are provided with documentation that shows your car has been tinted within the State Law’s limit. No matter what they say YOU are the one that has to pay the ticket and You are the one responsible to remove the tint.

In order to be in compliance with Oregon State Law a motorist with tinted windows on their vehicle must make sure it is within these legal limitations. They are required to keep a Certificate in the vehicle (along with proof of insurance) at all times proving the windows are tinted legally. Otherwise they will be cited. Tickets average $350 in the Portland area.

If you do not have a tint certificate and your car is tinted, then get a meter test immediately. And have the shop provide you with a copy of the results so that you can put it in your car as proof of compliance.
If the test shows you are not in compliance, fix it quick before you get ticketed.

Window Tinting Laws

Window tinting laws vary from state to state. You can find the window tinting laws for your state by getting a copy of the State window tinting laws in your area. An explanation of the window tinting laws document is listed below. Get a copy of the state window tinting laws by clicking here

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