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Window Tint Removal?

Tint removal

Why would you want to remove window tint? What’s involved? Great question. Here are a few reasons you need to remove tint.

Damaged by auto shop

This happens more than you might think. Car goes into the shop and then they scratch the tint. The damaged tint needs to be removed and replaced.

Purple or delaminated tint

Before they had Ceramic and Carbon films they had finals that over time and exposure to the sun it will turn purple, delaminate and be hard to see though

Bubbled tint

Tint might bubble fit a few reasons, if the installer didn’t squeeze all the water out from under the film when that water eventually dries out there is space between the film and the glass creating a bubble everywhere water was left behind.

Too dark

Oregon has a limit to the percentage of windows film. So if you move from a state that allows darker tint or a shop tints your vehicle darker than what Oregon allows you my get a ticket. To avoid the ticket 1 don’t go to a shop that’s ok with tinting your car darker than the legal limit and 2 get the tint removed and have it tinted to what’s legal

Faded film

Older film and some dyed films will lighten over time. Sometimes it’s so light you can’t tell the car was tinted. This is one reason we don’t use dyed film. Yes dyed film is cheaper but you want your tint to last as long as your car and so do we.

Window Tint Removal

Well it may seem obvious that for a window tint removal we remove the tint. This isn’t exactly a cut and dry process. Some tint comes off in large pieces, others it tiny pieces or strips and sometimes in layers 😖 Once the film is removed there is still adhesive on the glass that needs to be 100% removed. This can be time intensive cleaning the glass to remove it all. Tint removal can take several hours depending on the the age of the film and the type of film applied to the windows.

Are you looking for window tint removal? We can help. We can remove the damaged tint and replace it will a quality Carbon or Ceramic film that will not only last but will also provide protection against the skin damage that the UV rays can cause skin with adding style and privacy to your vehicle.

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