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Window Tint School

 Window Tint School

My hands-on window tint school is for beginners and intermediate tinters looking to improve their skills.  Window tinting is one of the most profitable automotive aftermarket services out there. And the initial start up costs are low compared to many other automotive services. In many cases, you should be able to see a return on your investment within 30-60 days. Window tinting is a perfect stand alone business or a very lucrative add-on service to your existing auto related business.

Many of my students own body shops, auto glass shops, detail shops, or car dealerships. The average film cost per vehicle is only $30 and you can charge $250-$350 retail. And, once you get past the learning curve, it will take one person about 2-3 hours to tint a full car. Prices and install times can vary depending on experience and the city you are doing business in. Not all window tint schools are equal. We train you on real cars. Not doors and windows hanging on a wall.

An average installer should be able to do 3 complete cars per day once they get through the learning curve.

I designed my training class with the complete beginner in mind. The training takes place in my place here in Portland Oregon, unless we make other arrangements.


Here is what is included in my 5 Day Hands-On Training:

1. Train one student for 40 hours. We train for 8 hours a day Monday through Friday.
2. One complete set of Window tint training DVDs ($200 value)
3. 1 Roll of 36″ by 100 feet window film in 35% to use on back glass heat shrink training.
4. 3 Rolls of  20″ by 100 feet window film in 35% to use on side window install training.
5. 1 Tool Apron
6. 1 Soft Yellow Squeegee
7. 1 Gold 3M Card
8. 1 Chizler
9. 1 BlueMax or Orange Crush Squeegee
10. 1 Slim Foot for Rear Glass Installs
11. 1 Big Foot for Rear Glass Installs
12. Yellow Olfa Knife
13. Olfa Knife Replacement Blades
14. 100 Single Edge Razor Blades for cleaning the glass
15. 1 White scrub pad for rear glass
16. 2 bottles of slip solution for spray bottle
17. 1 Spray bottle for installs
18. 1 White Push Stick for gaskets/seals
19. 1 Aluminum Triangle
20. Setup with suppliers so you can buy direct (never buy from Ebay)

Training Schedule
Monday through Friday we will cover the proper techniques for cleaning the glass, cutting the film for side windows, handling the film and installation without removing door panels (this is a big selling point).

Thursday and Friday we will cover the proper techniques to heat shrink, cut and install film on curved back windows of vehicles. This includes proper cleaning and squeegeeing methods for professional installs.

By the end of the week you will know all of the techniques for tinting most of the cars on the market today. The goal should then be to focus on slow and steady progress by tinting customer cars right away. The more you do the better you become. If you tint everyday you will gain a lot of experience in the first 30 days. Focus on quality and not speed in the first 90 days. Make every customer happy and in time speed will come and when that happens so will the money!

So, if you are serious about learning how to tint windows, call now to schedule your training week. And remember, the one-time investment is probably tax deductible. And, you should be able to earn your investment back with the first 12-20 window tint jobs. Hands-on training at a window tint school will shorten your learning curve so you can start making money faster.

The Tuition is $4,995.00 for the first student.

The Tuition is only $100.00 for each additional student. Bring a partner or spouse.

Window Tint King LLC operates the only Window Tint School in Portland with personal training by the owner.

You are responsible for airfare and transportation to and from my location here in Gresham, Oregon. You are also responsible for your own meals and hotel expenses.

All Tuitions are Non-Refundable and a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit is Due in Advance and the remaining 50% balance is due no later than the morning before the start of the first day of live hands on training. We are located in Gresham Oregon, USA.

It’s time that you join the profitable window tinting industry. Call today to get started.

To Your Success,

Bob Rossignol
The Window Tint King
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