Portland Window Tinting Provides Sun Protection

Many people that search for auto window tinting in Portland are searching for skin protection from the sun. While doing a search for skin cancer protection products they find my website windowtintking.c.om Many people will look for skin care with spf sunscreen while they are going to be out in the sun, However many don’t realize that while they are in their cars that they are still in the sun.  While driving you still need to give your skin sun protection. While sunscreen is the best spf protection for skin cancer while you’re out directly in the sun.  Automotive window film is how to protect skin from sun without sunscreen while you are in your car. Window tint provides uv protection sun shade by filtering out not only the light but also harmful uv sun rays. Whether you are looking for sensative skin sun protection, or protection from skin cancer. Adding window tint can help.

Many of my customers have had skin cancer or skin that is very sensitive to the sun. When they call they explain that they are looking for skin protection  or, skin cancer protection from the sun and ask if window tinting can help.  I explain the different percentages window film comes in and how they block out sunlight. And even though that the legal  window tint limit in Oregon is 35% (allows 35% of sunlight through) with their doctor’s prescription I have been able to not only put a 5% (allows only 5% of sunlight through) but also tint  part the windshield that they sit on the most providing them with the maximum sun protection possible while driving.   With the added protection window film gives you can drive around safely on the sunniest days in Portland knowing your helping to protect your skin.

Give me a call and I can help you get the proper film for your car.

Bob Rossignol

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