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Window Tint King in Gresham Or gives you a lifetime warranty on all legal window film installations. See shop for details. There is NO WARRANTY for tint that is darker than the legal limit. Legal films on any 4 door sedan or 2 door coupe is 35% on all windows. Other vehicles types like, trucks, transit vans, Sprinter vans, minivans, SUVs are allowed darker films on all of the rear windows. 


How much is it going to cost to tint my vehicle?
What is window tint exactly?
What is the law for my type of vehicle?
What are my options for window tint including manufacturers, darknesses, and quality?
What should I look for in a tinter or tint shop to decide who to go with?
What are the benefits of tinting my windows?
What kind of warranty do you offer and what does it cover exactly?
Why do I see tint that is purple or bubbled?
What windows am I allowed to tint on my vehicle?
Can I tint my front windshield?
Can I tint my tail lights?
What is the difference in manufacturers if any?

Window Tint King Services

We offer several options to enhance the look of your auto, home and business.

Please Note This Warning!

Not Covered 

Do not leave guns, electronics (like cell phones or laptops, etc.) anywhere in your vehicle when you drop it off for window tinting. We are not liable for damage to such items due to water. Water is used in the tinting process. We do our best but some water can enter your trunk area.  If you have speakers or any electronics in the trunk you must let us know before we start. Better still, take electronics with you.

Automotive Window Tinting

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Commercial & Residential Tint

Enhance the appearance, privacy and security of your home and business with our premium selection of window films.

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Our Pricing

Window Tint King Prices 

Our prices start at $150 for two front door windows.  A full tint includes all windows on the vehicle except the front windshield.


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Commercial and Residential Prices

Our residential and commercial window tinting starts at $10 a square foot for labor and materials. Minimum is $300.

$10.00 per sq. ft.

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“I have had 3 of my cars tinted here and all 3 have turned out amazing!!! Very friendly and flexible on scheduling I would recommend Tint King to all of my friends and family :)”



I was super pleased with the tint job they did on our Camry. Bob was able to fit us in around our schedule and had the job done in half a day. Looks great and the price was very fair. All in all a professional experience. Definitely going to recommend to family and friends



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